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Month: June 2017

Vietnamese is the Most Commonly Spoken Foreign Language in Alabama

One of the most remarkable aspects of the United States is its diversity, as a myriad of different cultures and ethnicities mix together every day. Still, the cultural mix is different in each state — and inevitably so are the most spoken languages. While English and Spanish dominate the charts in nearly every state, several […]

Alabama Among the Least Expensive States to Drive

The cost of driving a car in one state compared to another can differ by more than $2,000 a year. In states where accidents are prevalent, insurance rates are often higher. In western states, gas prices tend to be higher. And in states with bad road conditions, vehicles require more frequent repairs. All these factors […]

Why Alabama’s Economy Trails Most States

Is your state a drag on the American economy or a boon? The 50 states — as diverse as they are — each contribute something to the U.S. economy. Because of their diversity, state economies rarely trend in unison. GDP growth is often the default measure for economic strength, but it often fails to tell […]

Alabama Power is the Largest Company in Alabama

The United States is home to some of the largest global companies. Of the world’s 50 largest public companies by revenue, 21 are based in the United States, including five of the top 10. Many of the largest American companies are headquartered in the country’s major economic capitals, including New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, […]

Mobile Among the 50 Hottest Cities in America

Summer has arrived, and with it a brutal heat wave that has scorched the western United States. The temperature was expected to soar to 119 in Phoenix on Tuesday, a June 20 record for the city. Temps might climb to 127 in the aptly-named Death Valley. The severe heat has canceled flights out of Phoenix […]

Gender Pay Gap Even Larger in Mobile

The gender pay gap has narrowed substantially since the Equal Pay Act was signed in 1963. Still, the typical woman working full time in the United States earns $40,022 a year — or only about 80% of the median annual income for men working full time of $50,119. A study conducted by the Pew Research […]

Mobile Unemployment Rate Higher Than Nation

Nationwide, 4.4% of the American labor force is unemployed, a large improvement from the recessionary unemployment peak of 9.9% in 2010. In the Mobile metro area, the unemployment rate of 6.2% is higher than the national figure and far lower than the city’s recessionary peak unemployment rate of 11.7%. The industry composition within a city […]

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